Sidewalk Science: Mentos Geysers!

Mar 25, 2021


Welcome to Sidewalk Science, a fascinating exploration of the explosive phenomenon known as Mentos geysers! Join The Knowledge Nest, a dedicated platform in the community and society segment, as we take you on an exciting journey into the world of sidewalk science.

What are Mentos Geysers?

Picture the scene: you're walking down the street, casually sipping on a bottle of soda. Suddenly, you stumble upon a group of individuals gathered around, their eyes wide with anticipation. Curiosity piqued, you decide to investigate further.

What you're witnessing, my friend, is a Mentos geyser in the making! Mentos geysers are volcanic-like eruptions created by combining Mentos candies with carbonated beverages such as soda. When dropped into the bottle, the surface of the Mentos serves as a catalyst, causing a rapid release of carbon dioxide gas, resulting in a majestic eruption that can reach dizzying heights.

The Science Behind the Magic

Now that you know what Mentos geysers are, let's dive into the scientific explanation behind this awe-inspiring phenomenon.

The secret lies in the concept of nucleation, where gas molecules in the carbonated beverage rapidly form bubbles when they come into contact with a rough surface. The tiny craters on the surface of a Mentos candy provide the perfect conditions for nucleation to occur on a massive scale.

As the Mentos candy plunges into the bottle, these bubbles rapidly form and grow on the candy's porous surface. The gas build-up becomes too much for the liquid to contain, resulting in a powerful explosion of fizzing soda.

The Role of Carbonation

Carbonated beverages contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas under pressure. When a bottle is sealed, this gas is held in the liquid, waiting for the opportunity to escape. The addition of Mentos candies provides the ideal trigger for this release.

The rough texture of Mentos candies helps to dislodge carbon dioxide bubbles from the soda, creating a chain reaction as more and more gas molecules escape. The high surface area of the candy means that there are numerous nucleation sites for the bubbles to form, resulting in a spectacular geyser display.

Creating Your Own Mentos Geyser

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of how Mentos geysers work, it's time to experiment and create your own explosive sidewalk science display!

Materials Needed:

  • A bottle of carbonated beverage (soda or sparkling water)
  • A roll of Mentos candies
  • An outdoor area for safe experimentation


  1. Choose a suitable outdoor location with plenty of space. Remember, Mentos geysers can get messy!
  2. Open the bottle of carbonated beverage, taking care not to shake or disturb it excessively.
  3. Unwrap the Mentos candies, ensuring that each piece is separate from the others.
  4. Hold the bottle over a flat surface and quickly drop all the Mentos candies into the bottle.
  5. Step back and marvel at the explosive display of your very own Mentos geyser!

Remember to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when conducting any scientific experiments. Mentos geysers can be unpredictable and messy, so it's essential to choose an appropriate location and protect yourself and others.


Sidewalk Science: Mentos Geysers offers an exciting way to engage with the wonders of science right in your neighborhood. With a basic understanding of the scientific principles involved and a few supplies, you can become a sidewalk scientist and create captivating Mentos geysers that will leave spectators in awe.

Join The Knowledge Nest, a vibrant community and society platform, to explore a multitude of scientific experiments, educational content, and engage with fellow science enthusiasts. Take your curiosity to new heights and embrace the joy of sidewalk science!

James Covey
Looks like fun to try!
Nov 10, 2023
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