Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers

Jul 11, 2020

Unlocking the World of Numbers for Preschoolers

Welcome to The Knowledge Nest's Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers, where young minds embark on an exciting journey filled with numerical exploration and discovery. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip preschoolers with essential number recognition, counting, and basic math skills. By joining our program, you are empowering your child's early cognitive development and paving the way for future academic success.

Why Choose Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers?

At The Knowledge Nest, we understand the critical role played by a strong foundation in numbers during the early years of a child's education. Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers program stands out from the rest with its unique approach, tailored to meet the specific needs of preschoolers. Here's why our program is the best fit for your child:

1. Engaging and Interactive Learning

Our curriculum is designed to captivate young minds, making learning a fun and interactive experience. Through hands-on activities, games, and multimedia resources, we ensure that your child remains fully engaged throughout the learning process. With our creative learning techniques, your child will develop a deep understanding of numbers and their significance.

2. Expertly Designed Curriculum

The Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers curriculum has been meticulously crafted by our team of experienced educators and child development specialists. It is based on proven research and follows a progressive structure that builds upon previous learning milestones. Each module challenges your child to explore, discover, and master new concepts, preparing them for future math-based challenges.

3. Individualized Attention

Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention to ensure that every child's unique learning needs are met. Our dedicated and passionate teachers guide students through each step of their numerical journey, providing necessary support and encouragement. We believe in fostering a positive learning environment where every child feels valued and inspired to reach their full potential.

4. Strong Foundation for Future Success

The early years of a child's education lay the groundwork for future academic achievements. Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers program equips your child with a solid foundation in numbers, setting them up for success in mathematics and other related subjects. By developing a love for numbers early on, your child gains the confidence and skills needed for lifelong learning.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum

The Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers curriculum covers a wide range of essential numerical concepts, ensuring that your child receives a well-rounded education. Here is a glimpse into the topics covered:

1. Number Recognition

We introduce preschoolers to the world of numbers, helping them recognize and identify numerals through various engaging activities. By practicing number recognition regularly, your child will quickly become familiar with the numerical symbols, facilitating their transition to more advanced mathematical concepts.

2. Counting and Quantities

Counting is a fundamental skill, and we place significant emphasis on helping preschoolers develop strong counting skills. Through hands-on counting exercises and interactive games, your child will gain a deep understanding of one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, and the concept of quantities.

3. Basic Math Operations

Building upon their foundational knowledge, preschoolers will be introduced to basic math operations such as addition and subtraction. Our program focuses on making these operations intuitive and hands-on, ensuring that your child grasps the fundamental concepts behind mathematical calculations.

4. Pattern Recognition

Recognizing and creating patterns is an essential skill that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Our curriculum includes pattern recognition activities, allowing preschoolers to develop their analytical and logical reasoning skills.

5. Shape and Spatial Awareness

Exploring shapes and spatial relations is an exciting part of our curriculum. Through interactive lessons and fun activities, preschoolers will learn to identify and describe shapes, understand positional and directional concepts, and develop spatial awareness.

Join Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers Today

Give your child the gift of a strong numerical foundation by enrolling them in Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers program at The Knowledge Nest. Watch them blossom as they embrace the world of numbers and develop essential math skills that will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond.

Join us now and witness the transformation as your child becomes a confident and enthusiastic learner!

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Cheryl Allen
Love this program! Must try!
Nov 10, 2023
Breaux Peters
Great program for preschoolers to develop essential number recognition and math skills! Highly recommended.
Oct 7, 2023