Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

Feb 23, 2019


Welcome to The Knowledge Nest, your source for innovative educational products and resources. In this article, we are thrilled to introduce you to our latest sensory development tool - Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops. Designed with children's growth and learning in mind, these scoops are a must-have for parents, educators, and therapists seeking to enhance sensory experiences and promote fine motor skills.

About Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

The Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops are a set of 4 beautifully crafted scoops, each uniquely designed to engage different senses and encourage exploration. Made from child-friendly and durable materials, these scoops provide a safe and enjoyable sensory experience for children of all ages.

Benefits of Using Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

1. Sensory Development

Sensory play is crucial for a child's development as it helps stimulate their senses and build neural connections. The Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops offer various tactile experiences by allowing children to feel different textures, shapes, and weights. These scoops engage their sense of touch, promoting sensory integration and enhancing kinesthetic learning.

2. Fine Motor Skills

The unique design of each scoop encourages children to practice their fine motor skills. From scooping and pouring to gripping and releasing, using these scoops helps strengthen hand muscles and improve coordination. As children manipulate and control the scoops, they enhance their dexterity and gain confidence in their abilities.

3. Cognitive Development

Engaging in sensory play with Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops stimulates cognitive development in children. Exploring different materials, colors, and sizes with their senses encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. It also fosters creativity and imagination, as children can use the scoops in open-ended play scenarios.

4. Educational Fun

Learning through play is a fundamental aspect of childhood development. The Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops provide endless opportunities for educational fun. The scoops can be used for sorting, counting, and pattern recognition, promoting early math skills. They can also be incorporated into sensory bins or water play, encouraging exploration and scientific inquiry.

How to Use Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

Using Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops is easy and versatile. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your child's playtime:

1. Sensory Bins

Create a sensory bin by filling a container with various textures such as rice, sand, or water. Let your child use the scoops to explore the different materials, developing their tactile senses and fine motor skills. Encourage them to pour, transfer, and mix the contents, promoting imaginative play.

2. Sorting Activities

Use the scoops for sorting activities. Provide a variety of objects or materials and ask your child to sort them based on specific attributes such as color, shape, or size. This activity enhances cognitive skills, visual discrimination, and helps develop organizational skills.

3. Water Play

Add the scoops to water playtime. They float, making them the perfect tool for scooping and pouring water. Whether in the bathtub, a water table, or a basin, water play with the scoops promotes hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect understanding, and sensory exploration.


Unlock the wonders of sensory development and fine motor skills with Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops. These versatile and engaging tools provide endless opportunities for learning and growth. Incorporating them into your child's playtime routine will not only enhance their sensory experiences but also foster their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Invest in Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops today and watch your child's skills flourish!

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