Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker

Aug 2, 2020


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About Coding Critters®

Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker is an innovative toy designed to introduce young children to the exciting world of programming. Created by The Knowledge Nest, this interactive educational toy combines playtime fun with valuable learning experiences.

Why Choose Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker?

When it comes to teaching programming to young children, Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker stands out for several reasons:

1. Engaging and Interactive

Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker offers a unique and interactive way for children to learn how to code. With its adorable characters, vibrant colors, and engaging storylines, this toy keeps kids entertained while they develop important skills.

2. Hands-On Learning

Unlike traditional coding lessons, Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker encourages hands-on learning through play. Children can explore different coding concepts by programming Scamper and Sneaker, giving them a deeper understanding of how coding works.

3. Teaches Key Programming Concepts

Through the adventures of Scamper and Sneaker, children will learn fundamental programming concepts such as sequencing, loops, and conditional statements. This foundation sets the stage for further exploration in the world of coding.

4. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As children tackle coding challenges and navigate through different scenarios, they learn to think analytically and strategically.

5. Fosters Creativity

With Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker, children not only learn how to code but also have the freedom to use their imagination. The toy encourages creative thinking as children design their own coding sequences and create stories for Scamper and Sneaker to follow.

How Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker Works

Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker comes with a variety of interactive elements that make learning to code easy and fun. The set includes:

1. Scamper and Sneaker Figures

The set features two adorable coding critters, Scamper and Sneaker. These playful characters are the main protagonists in coding adventures, guiding children through programming challenges.

2. Coding Cards

The coding cards serve as a visual guide for children to plan out their coding sequences. Each card represents a specific action, allowing children to physically arrange the cards in the correct order to create a program for Scamper and Sneaker to follow.

3. Command Center

The command center is where children place the coding cards to "program" Scamper and Sneaker. This interactive element helps children understand how their instructions translate into actions.

4. Playsets and Accessories

Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker also comes with different playsets and accessories that enable children to create diverse coding adventures. From building obstacle courses to designing imaginary worlds, these additions enhance the play and learning experience.

Why Parents love Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker

Parents who have introduced their children to Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker have praised the toy for various reasons:

1. Educational Value

Parents appreciate how Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker combines fun with educational value. They see how their children are learning important programming concepts while enjoying playtime.

2. Screen-Free Alternative

In a digital age, Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker provides a screen-free alternative for children to engage with technology. Parents value this interactive toy as a way for their children to learn coding without excessive screen time.

3. Develops Logical Thinking

Parents have noticed significant improvements in their children's logical thinking skills after playing with Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker. They observe how their children analyze problems and develop step-by-step solutions.

4. Encourages Creativity

With Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker, parents have seen their children's creativity flourish. They witness their children creating their own coding sequences and inventing imaginative stories for Scamper and Sneaker.


Coding Critters® Scamper & Sneaker is the ideal toy for introducing young children to the world of programming. Created by The Knowledge Nest, this interactive and educational toy provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn key coding concepts. Through hands-on play, problem-solving, and creativity, children develop skills that are essential for their future. Join Scamper and Sneaker on their coding adventures and unlock your child's potential!

Satyajit Swain
I can't wait to get my hands on 🐶Coding Critters Scamper & Sneaker! It's the perfect toy to help kids learn programming.
Nov 11, 2023